In over 50 years’ experience, we have designed guest toiletries for all bathroom environments and every type of client. All of our products are entirely made in Italy, in strict compliance with current European regulations. Our toiletries have innovative formulations and our accessories can match every accommodation. You can even decide to customize your hotel amenities. Quality is our top priority. That’s why our hotel amenities are enriched with natural extracts from high-quality raw materials.


The best way to please your guests? Hotel amenities packed with high-quality cosmetics! Choosing the right ones is crucial. You should consider the variety, the size, the natural extracts and the properties of each product.


Hotel Amenities: how to make the best choice

Natural extracts and a delicate formulation are two significant advantages when it comes to cosmetics. Those with natural ingredients are suitable even for the most sensitive skin. You only have to choose which natural extracts are the most suitable for your hotel amenities. 

That’s not an easy choice. Above all, you should consider the location of your accommodation. The hotel amenities enriched with sea salt, for instance, are much more appropriate for hotels on the seafront rather than for accommodations on the sky slopes. 

You should also consider the rank of the hotel. Obviously, a luxury hotel with a wellness center should invest in cosmetics, selecting those that are most similar to beauty treatments. 

Another point, the scent of the cosmetics. If your clientele is mostly composed of men, you’d better avoid sweet, flowery perfumes. 


Laverde Hotel Amenities

Fortunately, you can find some hotel amenities suitable for every clientele and every location. We’re talking about the Laverde hotel amenities, with precious extracts from officinal plants. 

As a matter of fact, these cosmetics are really perfect for every accommodation because they have several cosmetic properties, not just one. 

What’s more important, indeed, is the versatility of these hotel amenities. Since each cosmetic is enriched with a distinct natural extract, the perfumes and the properties on the skin are different. Let’s see in detail these natural extracts and their properties. 


Officinal Plants: qualities and cosmetic application 

Medicinal plants, aromatic herbs, fragrant flowering plants are all officinal plants. They are used in phytotherapy, cosmetology and herbal medicine according to the typical tradition of every country. 

One of the most common officinal plants is sage (Salvia Officinalis). It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in flavonoids, magnesium and oligo elements. The shampoo enriched with sage has an antibacterial, sebum-balancing action. It is the perfect solution for oily hair and inflamed skin.

Eucalyptus, too, is a precious natural extract. The essential oil extracted from its leaves, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, is antibacterial, antiseptic, healing and deodorizing. The body wash with eucalyptus extracts has a unique, distinctive aroma. In addition to the relaxing and invigorating properties, it makes the skin more soft, smooth and glowing.

Coriander(Coriandum Sativum) has an essential oil which is rich in vitamins, mineral salts, fiber and antioxidants. Beyond its antispasmodic and digestive properties, it is a powerful antiseptic and fungicide. The hair conditioner with coriander extracts detangles and strengthens weak, fine hair, making them shinier and stronger. 

Juniper (Juniperus Communis) has an antiseptic, balsamic effect. The body lotion with juniper extracts is the perfect treatment after training because it has a relaxing, decontracting action for the muscles. This lotion has a rapid absorption, hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft without grease. 


Pay attention to detail!

First-quality cosmetics are not enough for our customers. Packaging, too, is essential to communicate a positive image of the accommodation. That’s why hotel amenities should have an elegant, appealing design. The Laverde cosmetics have a refined, well-finished packaging, thanks to the intense shades of forest green together with the elegance of pure white

When it comes to hotel amenities, we know that a larger selection could actually impress your guests. Beyond the shampoo, the hair conditioner, the body wash and the body lotion, the bar soap and the shower cap are perfect to enrich your offering. 

The vanity set, in particular, enhances and adds value to the hotel amenities. It includes make-up remover pads, cotton swabs, a nail file and a hair tie.


Officinal plants are a great option for cosmetology, thanks to their natural properties and their enchanting perfumes. The Laverde hotel amenities are bottles full of nature. These cosmetics fit every accommodation, apart from location, rank and clientele.


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