In over 50 years’ experience, we have designed guest toiletries for all bathroom environments and every type of client. All of our products are entirely made in Italy, in strict compliance with current European regulations. Our toiletries have innovative formulations and our accessories can match every accommodation. You can even decide to customize your hotel amenities. Quality is our top priority. That’s why our hotel amenities are enriched with natural extracts from high-quality raw materials.


For modern cosmetology, salt is an attractive, beguiling element. Wellness centers and health resorts use sea salt and rock salt in cutting edge treatments to detox, drain and purify

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, first discovered the therapeutic benefits of sea water. As he realized, the wounds on the fishermen’s hands would heal quickly. Sea salt, in fact, is a natural antiseptic with antibacterial properties. 

In addition, sea water is rich in microelements, especially in iodine. That’s why sea salt is more and more used for beauty and health treatments, to restore mind and body naturally. 

One example among all, halotherapy (halo in ancient Greek means “salt”). The sea salt, as well as the seaside climate, provides enormous benefits to our wellness. The relaxing and purifying effects of halotherapy are beneficial to the immune system, to the nervous system and to the lymphatic system. They increase physical and mental energy and reduce stress

Both in a natural environment – bathing in the sea or walking on the shoreline – and in facilities – salt caves and salt water pools – halotherapy is an effective healing method. A 45-minute session in a salt cave can be as beneficial as a 3-day stay by the sea for the respiratory system and for the skin, especially in case of psoriasis and dermatitis.

Sea salt, obviously, is highly esteemed in cosmetics and wellbeing. Wellness resorts provide innovative treatments with salt, like

  • Salt scrubs
  • Seaweed and marine clay body wraps
  • Salt gel 
  • Salt baths

Salt cleanses the pores, purifies the skin, drains fluids and removes toxins. The tissues are regenerated and toned, the skin is hydrated and renewed, naturally rebalanced. 


Daily beauty routine, too, can provide similar benefits. Hotel amenities that include bath foam, shampoo and body lotion rich in natural sea salt are proper beauty treatments for guests in wellness centers, hotels, and beach resorts. And pampering customers with first-quality, relaxing and detoxing cosmetics is the best way to show them our attention.


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