In over 50 years’ experience, we have designed guest toiletries for all bathroom environments and every type of client. All of our products are entirely made in Italy, in strict compliance with current European regulations. Our toiletries have innovative formulations and our accessories can match every accommodation. You can even decide to customize your hotel amenities. Quality is our top priority. That’s why our hotel amenities are enriched with natural extracts from high-quality raw materials.

courtesy set: what are the best shower gels for hotels?


Hotel amenities play a crucial role in the hotel experience. Our guests expect high-quality cosmetics, preferably with gentle formulations and enriched with natural extracts.

Choosing the courtesy set: all the elements to be considered

When selecting the courtesy set, many factors should be considered. First of all, you need to define the variety of cosmetics, from a basic offering (shampoo, shower gel, body lotion) to a rich and wide range that may also include sewing or shaving kits, as well as oral care kit or vanity set.

Another element to think about is how much of each cosmetic to offer. As we've seen when discussing hotel courtesy sets and guest expectations, the accommodation facility must acknowledge which is the right quantity of cosmetics to offer in order to provide good service without wasting products.

Finally, the accommodation facility must pick out the courtesy set. There are plenty of active ingredients, all different from one another. To choose at best, three main factors should be considered: the regular clientele, the location, and the overall image of the accommodation.

Let's see how these “guiding principles" can help in selecting one of the central products of the hotel offering, the shower gel.

Shower gel doesn't replace soap

Available in different sizes and weights, soap bars are the most classic among cosmetics, ideal for both showers and handwashing – about this, we recommend providing each room with a suitable soap dish.

A quality courtesy set includes both shower gel AND soap. Although both are body cleansers, they are not interchangeable in any way.

Eco-friendly dispensers: convenience and environmental sustainability

As we mentioned, each accommodation facility must decide how much shower gel to offer. If stays usually last for just one night or up to two weeks, the situation changes completely.

However, there is a universal solution that satisfies all the different needs of both guests and accommodations. We are talking about refillable dispensers, which we at Detercom have already developed for the OroVerde, Marble, Easy, Marevita, and Divinum lines - we will then see their features in detail.

This way, the accommodation avoids wastage, and guests always have all the shower gel they need. Not to mention the environmental benefit of this solution: dispensers eliminate plastic packaging.

Regarding the choice of format, thus, shower gels in dispensers represent the most sustainable and cost-effective option.

Specific cosmetic formulations

Each of our hotel amenities corresponds to a natural principle with specific cosmetic properties. Different shower gels have entirely different properties. For example, the one enriched with olive oil is nourishing and emollient, the one with Argan oil is antioxidant and elasticizing, the one with apple is revitalizing and anti-aging, and so on.

How to choose the most suitable one? Whoever knows the accommodation facility and its unique identity will surely find the product that best meets their needs within our catalog.

In general, though, we advise choosing the shower gel with the regular guests in mind. Analyzing the clientele is an invaluable source of information.

Choices based on location and season

Let's start with the location of the accommodation. It's essential to maintain consistency between the overall image of the hotel and its cosmetic proposal.

For a countryside farm holiday, the Laverde set with herbs and medicinal plants is perfect, just as the Marevita line with sea salt is suitable for beach resorts.

The accommodation should also predict what guests might need. Is the hotel on ski slopes? In all likelihood, guests will return with sun and cold-affected skin: an OroVerde shower gel, with its moisturizing, hydrating, and anti-redness properties, is ideal.

If the hotel has a wellness center or a Spa, guests are more likely to expect the same level of quality in the cosmetic products inside the hotel room. In this case, it's better to choose a shower gel with precious extracts, like our Reyah with Argan oil.

Appearance matters too: packaging is crucial!

The packaging is the business card of the shower gel. From the graphic design, customers can already deduce a lot, in addition to the content itself.

The packaging reflects the identity of the shower gel and evokes its style. For a fresh and delicate shower gel like the I Girasoli line, with ginkgo biloba and green tea, a floral package is perfect.

For the Marble shower gel, with black clay and essential almond oil, with a strong character and a fragrance that is suitable for male guests as well, a black label and minimal fonts are the best choice.

In conclusion, when choosing the shower gel, the accommodation must take into account multiple factors, from the category to the location, from the regular clientele to the guests' expectations. There is no perfect shower gel, only the one best suited to specific needs.

The only rule, when it comes to hotel amenities, is always to invest in the highest quality. Only in this way can we truly win over guests.


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