In over 50 years’ experience, we have designed guest toiletries for all bathroom environments and every type of client. All of our products are entirely made in Italy, in strict compliance with current European regulations. Our toiletries have innovative formulations and our accessories can match every accommodation. You can even decide to customize your hotel amenities. Quality is our top priority. That’s why our hotel amenities are enriched with natural extracts from high-quality raw materials.


Hotel amenities are the calling card of an accommodation. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect ones is no easy task. You need to be familiar with the different natural extracts commonly used in cosmetics, which determine the specific properties of the toiletries

Hotel amenities should enhance the hotel's image and charm the customers with high-quality products. The packaging, the formula, the aroma, the ingredients: our guests will judge every single aspect. 

While selecting the most suitable hotel amenities for your accommodation, you should consider the unique qualities of every extract. Among all the different options, one is particularly wholesome. We’re talking about Aloe Vera, also known as “the miracle plant.”


Aloe Vera, a plant of many virtues 

Aloe Vera is a succulent that is native to the Arabian Peninsula but has spread worldwide. It is particularly common in South America, especially in Dominican Republic, which is the main exporter. 

There are two different theories about the origin of its name. Aloe could derive from alossalt in Greek - with reference to its appearance in the maritime areas of the Mediterranean Sea or from alua – bitter in Arabic –like the juice extracted from its leaves. 

Aloe Vera can be grown everywhere, because it adapts to every different climate. It has fleshy leaves, with thorns on its sides, and when it blooms in Spring, one big, red flower blossoms from its center. 

Two precious elements are extracted from its leaves, the juice and the gel. The juice is mainly used as a dietary supplement, thanks to its detox and depurative properties. It helps digestion and the intestinal movements, improves the bacterial flora and balances the pH of the stomach. 

The gel, on the other hand, is used for cosmetics of all sorts. The body lotions, the shampoos and the beauty treatments with Aloe Vera are very popular because the gel that is naturally produced from this plant has incredible nourishing properties.


Cosmetic Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has a soothing, calming and moisturizing action. It is deeply hydrating and leaves the skin soft and smooth. It soothes irritations and rashes and alleviates redness.

Given these properties, we can say that the toiletries with Aloe Vera are perfect for the seaside resorts. Sun and saltiness could damage the skin, but our guests can restore themselves with fresh, hydrating products. 

The Breezy Blu hotel amenities are the ultimate solution for these accommodations. But there is more. Considering that Aloe Vera has a natural antioxidant effect, these cosmetics are a true anti-aging treatment that every guest – regardless of the location - will appreciate. 


The Breezy Blu hotel amenities

The Breezy Blu guest amenities are a guarantee of quality. Aloe Vera is a proper elixir to hydrate, nourish, soothe and renew the skin. Moreover, these cosmetics have an extremely pleasant perfume. Thanks to their neutral aroma, they can match with both male and female clientele.

The Breezy Blu hotel amenities include a vast array of toiletries to please even the most demanding guest. The shampoo, the body wash and the body lotion are the basic elements. 

The body wash is soothing and skin-purifying. It nourishes the skin and leaves it smooth, velvety and lightly scented. The body lotion has a deep antioxidant effect, preventing premature skin aging. 

The shampoo and the conditioner, available both in bottles and in single-dose sachets, purify the scalp, soothe redness and give instant shine to dry, sensitized hair. 

The bar soap is a special gift to pamper our guests. We can choose between two options: the square, easy-opening, bar soap, wrapped in cellophane or the flow-packed one. 

It’s up to the accommodation to assess the different necessities. As we know, business hotels working with single rooms and short stays are completely different from hotels for families, where groups with children spend at least one week. 

The antibacterial bar soap, with lactoferrin and chlorphenesin, fits every accommodation. It eliminates germs, bacteria and spores, and guarantees the utmost hygienic safety. 

And what about the hygiene of our hands? Sometimes we have no way to wash our hands with water and soap. The hydro-alcoholic hygienic towel is everything we need in this case. It is individually packed, so our guests can always bring it with them. When they will get the chance to use it, they will remember the accommodation and its thoughtfulness.


Hotel amenities are a fundamental part of the image that a hotel can convey. Choosing the right ones is crucial. Aloe Vera is an extraordinary natural extract, with countless beneficial properties. These toiletries have such an effect on the skin as to be considered proper beauty treatments. 


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