Breezy Blue Hotel Amenities

Breezy Blue Hotel Amenities

The Breezy Blue guest amenities are an explosion of freshness. They include hydrating products that nurture and soothe dehydrated and irritated skin. As a matter of fact, this cosmetic formulation is enriched with natural aloe vera extracts that by nature do not irritate the skin and are well tolerated by all skin types. Moreover, aloe vera boosts collagen production and gives fantastic anti-ageing benefits.

The main property of aloe vera is the deep hydration of the skin, providing an immediate effect of nourishment and freshness. The gel extracted from the inner, most aqueous part of aloe vera leaves is high in collagen, vitamin C and natural substances that have a positive effect on the skin and the scalp. The aloe vera plant has thousands of beneficial effects on the body and it is miraculous when applied on insect bites or sunburns, because it alleviates the itching and it has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

These hotel amenities are very versatile and ideal for every type of bathroom environment thanks to their modern design with the essential shades of white and their pleasant delicate fragrance. With their hydrating and refreshing formula, Breezy Blu hotel toiletries are perfect for seaside accommodation facilities, where guests need to properly hydrate and soothe the skin after a long exposure to the sun.



The Breezy Blu hotel amenities include a wide array of cosmetic products in a 26ml size as well as toilet accessories, providing your guests with moments of pure relaxation.


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